Doug and Sharon Quarles are owners of Quarles Art Gallery.

Originally from Louisiana they moved to Tucumcari, New Mexico where they lived for 10 years and established their Art Gallery in 2003. In 2013 moved to Benson,AZ .

If you have seen the many Murals Doug has painted in Benson, AZ as well in Tucumcari, NM, you can imagine their style of fine art in their Gallery

Doug's many Murals of Benson and Tucumcari can be viewed also on YOU TUBE by keying in  Murals by Doug Quarles!

Both are self-taught in photo realistic style.

They are looking forward to producing many Murals in this area as with Beautification projects in other locations they have been.

The Quarles' have shown their artworks in Benson, Tucson, Sierra Vista, Wilcox and Tombstone, AZ as well as Tucumcari,Taos and Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Doug's Statement

Sharon's Statement

My art is focused on capturing the beauty of the subject I am painting.
I paint realistic, encluding as much detail as I can see, working from photo reference of my own. I look for the best light  and shadow which gives the best "POW'. Any subject can spark my attention. That moment in time should be put in my art.
I paint with acrylics, fast drying is important so I can keep painting and not have to wait. Many have thin layers, painting over and over glazing where needed building up to the lightest color.
Canvas or hardboard with many primer coats, is my favorite supports. Starting with a sketch on the support I paint covering the white, top to bottom, then start with what is father away then work forward. As I get closer to the finish the more excited I get. When all comes together and I feel good about the details, I can breathe again and say "Ok, whats next".
When I die and go to Heaven and God asks "What have you done with the talent I gave you?", I would love to tell Him "I used it all up!"

Memories of earlier times give me the love for things of nostalgic subjects inwhich to capture my art.
Realistic painting in pastel, oil pastel and graphite, bring me and others to the bygone days.
I keep a camera nearby so I can photograph subjects to use as reference for the high detail in my art.
I love the challengee of detail using my chosen mediums in many subject matters which range from classic cars, toys, household item, buildings, portraits and more.
Using black in my backgound either paper or canvas lends the depth that the softest of oil pastel or pressed pastels can achieve and depict with many items chosen be it flowers or chrome of a car.
Even in childhood coloring books, I desired to color realistic and true colors.